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These screenshots will help you experiencing a first impression of openAnalyzers user interface.

oa screenshot

User groups

  • Employees of controlling, finance and audit services working with data regularly.
  • Information workers in industry, trade, banking and insurance confronted with ever-increasing amounts of data and complex analytical requirements.
  • Employees in IT and IT service performing data analytics on a regular basis.

To be used for ...

  • Simple and complex analysis of big data
  • Tool to support the internal audit system
  • Analysis tool for processing of compliance cases
  • Analysis tool for internal audits
  • Analysis of user rights and permission structures and compliance with data protection regulations
  • Analysis and evalutation of data structure and data quality (e. g. double payments; fuzzy doublets text search)
  • Distribution analysis and statistical key figures in transaction data
  • Direct database access on any desired source system
  • Installation of a reporting beyond the report templates provided by the source system
  • Regular and automated auditing

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